Why Having An SEO Optimized Website Is Important

What's the point in having a website nobody can find? If you want people to actually see the website you've put so much work into, SEO's an important part of getting it in front of them. But you probably already knew that much. You're not a total newbie. If you've had a website for any length of time and have done at least basic research on online marketing, you've probably read enough to have the SEO basics covered. But in learning all the SEO 101 stuff, you also figured out that SEO is competitive and you've got more to learn.

1. A Top SEO Ranking Factor and How to Achieve It

While Google keeps a lot of secrets about how its algorithm works, there are bits and pieces of information they've shared publicly to help website owners out.

2. How to Make Your Site More Intuitive to Users, While Also Improving SEO

A lot of the best practices for good SEO double as best practices that improve your visitors' user experience.

3. The Most Important Ongoing Strategy for SEO Results

To be fair here, different people have different arguments about what the most important strategy for SEO is, but we've got a pretty clear idea of where our vote goes.

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