Amazon SEO: How To Rank on Page 1

Are you an Amazon seller looking for ways to launch your product strategically? Getting to the
top page of Amazon is no easy feat for a new seller. Most sellers launch, and their product ends
up on pages 5, 6, or even deeper into Amazon's search. But there are a few ways to help you
reach the first page of your search.

High Traffic Equals High Competition

There has been a significant increase in Amazon's popularity over the years. This increase has
resulted in more buyers and sellers across the platform. With this increase in Amazon sellers
have come an increased difficulty in getting to page one of amazon. Luckily there are some
growth hacking tips that make it a simple process rather than a complex science.

Sell, Sell, Sell

There is one generally accepted truth when it comes to reaching the first page of Amazon.
Making it to page one means matching the general volume and velocity of sales by the top
sellers in your category. If you are in a popular, high competition category, this could look like
hundreds or potentially even thousands of sales per day.

Weighing Your Options

How do you increase your sales volume if you are just starting out as a seller? There are a few
ways, and some are more effective than others. You could cold-call customers, you could hire
an expert, or you could try growth hacking.

Billboards Aren't The Best

If you have a large advertising budget, you can pay for advertisements. Advertisements are
typically available on google, Instagram, and most other online platforms. You could even
potentially pay for billboards on a busy road. But regardless of how you target your audience, at
the end of the day, you are doing cold market advertising with no guarantee of results.

Hiring An Advertising Guru

You could spend thousands of dollars hiring someone to identify keywords your customers are
searching for. You could hire a top-notch copywriter to write you the perfect product
descriptions. You could even have a professional photographer take high quality product photos
for you. And while these will all help your listing, and in turn, help you sell units- there are faster
and more effective ways to start ranking higher in the search.

Growth Hacking

A tried and true method of growth hacking is offering rebates. Sellers direct their advertising
budget towards a rebate to be sent to buyers after purchase. This method guarantees
conversions and simultaneously increases your sales volume. offers sellers a platform
for successful product launches. Say you have a product listed for $20, and you offer it up to
customers for $5 with a rebate. You are losing your margin on that sale, but you are making
guaranteed sales. The results are astronomical as you are bumping your product to the top of
the Amazon search query. As your product ranks higher on Amazon, you will see an increase in

organic, full-price sales, which very quickly leads to organic sales and generates huge long-term
returns on investment.

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