12 Video SEO Tips To Help Improve Your Search Rankings

Want to tap into the power of SEO for boosting your online video rankings? Many businesses are increasingly turning to video content to amp up their marketing endeavours. The growing reliance on videos can be attributed to the weakening relevance of traditional content forms like text and pictures. Surprising as it may sound, Cisco forecasts have revealed that a whopping 82% of online traffic will stem exclusively from video-based content by 2022.

The nicest part is that marketers no longer have to hire video editing professionals. Crafting quality videos is now easier than ever, thanks to the widespread availability of video makers free online. Here are 12 killer video SEO tips that will help you boost your search engine rankings.

1. Know the mindset of your audience

Before you start crafting videos for SEO, you must put in some effort to understand the mindset of your target audience. Knowing your audience's preferences will enable you to produce engaging and relevant video content. If you want to foster a strong and lasting bond with your viewers, focus on making videos that resonate with your fans.

2. Deploy a free online video Maker

Marketers worldwide unanimously agree that well-edited videos perform excellently when it comes to SEO. You must deploy an online video maker to lend the final touches to your videos. The advanced features of web-based video makers allow creators to enrich their content with a wide range of special effects, cool texts, transitions etc.

3. Upload the video on your website

Uploading video content on YouTube is a surefire way to reach out to the masses. However, you should consider uploading videos on your domain, especially if you are creating content to enhance site ranking. If you are keen on uploading videos on YouTube, you must include your website's link in the description box to ensure a higher reach.

4. Allow users to embed your videos on their website

Often, fans like your video content to such an extent that they want to embed it onto their website's pages. Allowing video embedding can work wonders for getting your content more exposure online. As people keep on embedding your videos in their website blogs, your content will automatically start showing up on top search engine result pages.

5. Limit the duration of your videos

Short and crisp videos tend to rank better than their lengthier counterparts. If your video is packed with information, you can divide your video into shorter clips to ensure higher engagement. You can take your pick from any of the video makers free online to cut down the length of your videos within minutes.

6. Optimize your videos with relevant titles and descriptions

Optimizing your content with relevant metadata is vital for getting your videos noticed by search engines like Google and Bing. Please make sure you use a fun and catchy video title for your video as it is going to describe your content to search engines. Keep your titles short and sweet so viewers don't have trouble recalling them. Also, write an informative and concise video description to facilitate a better understanding of your content.

7. Conduct extensive keyword research

Keyword research is an important part of SEO video marketing. Set aside some time from your jam-packed schedule and conduct keyword research using free online tools. Look for low-competition keywords that have a high search volume. Include the keywords in both the title and the description of your videos to yield better results with your SEO strategy.

8. Add closed captions to your videos

Captions allow search engines to develop a better understanding of your content. Viewers who watch videos without sound or hearing issues can also benefit a lot from captions. However, the greatest advantage of video captions is that they let search engines index your content easily. Popular search engines' indexing of your content can supercharge your video rankings faster than you expect.

9. Pick the right thumbnail

The video's thumbnail is the first thing viewers notice before anything else. Your choice of the thumbnail will be the deciding factor in determining whether people will watch your video or not. See that you choose an interesting and relevant thumbnail for your video to spark excitement in potential viewers.

10. Boost your SEO efforts with a video sitemap

A video sitemap can help pave the way for better search engine results in a brief period. Sitemaps are aimed at providing extra information to search engines. They include all basic details like the video's total duration, subject, restrictions imposed by different countries and platforms etc. While a sitemap may not be deemed an important SEO tactic, it can still go a long way in making your video rank better.

11. Make your content shareable

We will know that there is no shortage of engaging video content on the internet. Given the rising competition online, you must unleash your creative side to make people appreciate your video content. You should add a strong and persuasive CTA in all your videos to boost the shareability of your content.

12. Distribute your videos across leading social media sites

Many creators fail to realize that the job does not complete with the production of engaging video content. Once you are done tweaking your videos, you must share them on all popular social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. The more you distribute your video content online, the better will be the response in the long run.


It is no secret that video content is being leveraged by hundreds and thousands of brands in different parts of the world. A staggering 92% of marketing professionals consider video a crucial aspect of their SEO marketing plan. So, ensure you follow all the SEO tips above to supercharge your video marketing efforts so that you can rank higher on prominent search engines.



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